Special Issues

N°8 - february 2024


JEC Composites Magazine editorial team produces two times a year special issues on top of the regular issues of the magazine.

  • Every first quarter: the JEC Observer

Written in collaboration with Estin & Co, it is the annual barometer of the composites industry, which provides a forecast growth up to the five coming years. This publication seeks to give an ample perspective and outlook of the industry for the next five years using graphs, key figures, market dynamics, and insights to illustrate the state of composites globally.

  • Every autumn: the Composites Sustainability Report

Compiling highlights about the part composite materials are playing in creating the sustainable European economy of the future. The purpose of this annual work, rather than results, which quickly become obsolete, is to give examples of approaches contributing to and moving towards sustainability.

In the past, JEC Group published special issues about end users industries such as smarter cities, mobility, sports, health, and leisure, all these issues being available to all JEC Composites Magazine subscribers.


A promising outlook

The JEC Observer, prepared by Estin & Co., is established as the annual barometer of the composites industry. This edition illustrates the current state of the composites market globally and provides...

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